How to combine art with sustainability

Career decisions aren’t easy to make, but some occur like an aha moment when you feel it inside.

We all look for a sense of belonging – family, friends, interest-based or professional communities, etc. But sometimes we may feel like teenagers, wanting to break away from our beloved family and embark on our own path, often filled with mistakes, but our own, very precious mistakes.

What prompted me to move into art?

I’m often asked what prompted me to move into art, having spent a decade in corporate sustainability. I’m an unusual one, as I realised some time ago that I wanted to be in the worlds of sustainability and art at the same time. While I was hesitant about seriously going for it, as I was afraid to “lose” years of my successful career, I realised it was the most natural thing to do.

Why – you may ask?

Because this is still part of the same journey – a journey of making a difference, making an impact, but by just adding a new avenue. I never left the subject of my interests – sustainability and purpose; I only changed the “terms of my life”.

Interestingly, one of the first things I learnt at university studying environmental science is that climate change has a trans-boundary nature, making it a universal issue. Art is even more universal in that sense – a visual language that we can all understand and relate to.

While developing as an artist, I’m working with purposeful companies that want to make a difference, similarly to me. I support their strategic marketing and communications efforts, helping them amplify their message and expand their reach. I’m excited about having a broader scope of projects to work on to make a bigger impact.

This is a continuous journey for me, with the present being deeply connected and enriched by the past.

Thank you to all family, friends and colleagues and my wider network who have been there for me supporting my journey.