Beauty in diversity.

Art is a deeply spiritual journey for Elina Yumasheva – a way to build an emotional connection and touch something greater than us. She draws her inspiration from the diversity of nature that is fragile, yet self-sufficient and resilient. In her works, it often alludes to the eternal. Her art explores the unlikely connection between the concepts of nature, self-acceptance and change.

‘Ambient Anxiety’

1 April – 29 May 2022

The show presents a series of original abstract paintings exploring an unshakeable sensation that exists in contemporary everyday life. 

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Press release: ‘Ambient Anxiety’ by Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec

The joint concept follows the idea of ‘ambient anxiety’ first introduced by Paul Virilio in ‘The Original Accident’ book from 2005. The artists individually see the collapsing environment and the glitch as the frontiers of reckoning with humanity. One shows the limits of our planet. While the other indicates the limits of our technology. Both comment on the unsustainable speed of humanity’s material progress and unfolding entropy.

Djuro Selec’s ( work explores the relationship between idealised contemporary life and the virtual lives that interrupt it. She portrays how technology changes our perception and influences nature and how its manifestation may be natural in itself. Artist’s visual dialect mimics a computer graphics one, with masking, airbrushing and grid systems inviting us to wake up and peek into the cracks of the technosphere.

“I was drawn to Djuro’s unique visual style, achieved through masking and layering spray paint, creating glitchy interference that plays with our perception.” says Chris Corbin, Director, Curious Kudu Gallery. 

Elina Yumasheva ( explores the intersection of art and science by working with abstraction and landscapes in mixed media. Her research focuses on environmental issues – being able to emotionally express them as an artist and decipher the science behind them creates her unique signature style. One may observe how the portrayal of light moves from projecting strength, firmness and sharpness to the subtle feeling of softness and fragility. 

“Rich in textures, shapes and forms, Elina’s works, often in monochrome, are a truly fascinating light journey that connects with you deeply on an emotional level,” comments Chris Corbin, Director, Curious Kudu Gallery.  

Sometimes unnoticeable, concerns such as those around plastic pollution, climate change, increasing reliance on technology, pandemics have become present in our lives. Subtle yet persistent, they determine our feelings, thoughts, actions. 

“These two brilliant emerging artists identified today’s society’s pain points and unveiled the complex socio-economic and psychological dynamics of modern disquiets through a series of fascinating abstract works.” concludes Corbin.   

Ambient Anxiety is an invitation to reflect and contemplate our modern wrestles of overwhelming anxieties against a rapidly growing consumption culture.

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Meet Elina

About Elina

Elina is a London-based emerging artist interested in the sublime. Working with abstraction and landscapes, she uses light to build emotional connections with viewers and make them feel understood. Elina holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science.

Latest works

Rainforest, Elina Yumasheva Horizontal


Inspired by the diversity of the Amazon rainforest, the painting provides an abstract take on it.

2020, Oil on canvas, 135x90x2 cm