Meet Elina

b. 1988, Ufa.

Elina Yumasheva is a London-based emerging artist. Born in Russia, she lived in Malta and Finland and spent most of her professional life in the United Kingdom. 

Working with abstraction and landscapes in mixed media, Elina captures an emotional response to social and environmental issues. Gestural, rich in textures, shapes and forms, often in monochrome, her works are an exploration of psychological landscapes. Often intuitive, the act of making art contains an inherent message and is inseparable from the painting itself.

Elina uses light to build an emotional connection with viewers and make them feel understood. Through her work, one may observe how the portrayal of light moves from projecting strength, firmness and sharpness to the subtle feeling of softness and fragility. She enjoys discovering the way light intensifies emotions. 

As a passionate environmentalist, she draws her inspiration from nature. Just like the magic diversity of the planet, where every form of existence is key to our ecosystem thriving, individuals with their unique set of psychological, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual traits are key to society’s well-being. 

However, that balance is in motion, and can only exist in motion. Elina’s art looks into often conflicting relations between that motion and acceptance. It spans self-acceptance to acceptance of a changing world and oneself in it.  

Elina holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Edinburgh. Whether studying science or building a successful career in corporate sustainability, expressing herself through art has always been a prominent part of her life. 

Elina is also a strong advocate for mental health and self-acceptance.


April-May 2022, ‘Ambient Anxiety’, Curious Kudu Gallery, London, UK

October 2021, New Artist Fair, Old Truman’s Brewery, London, UK

May-June 2021, ‘2021. What happened after?’ Charles Darwin Museum of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia

October 2020, ‘Landscapes’ Colours of Humanity Art Gallery, Online