Exquisite Codes, Bla-Bla Projektrauum Berlin, Germany & Art-teenth, Court Square Exchange, Bridgeport, USA

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m exhibiting at the inaugural “Art-teenth” show and live celebration of creative freedom on the Juneteenth holiday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, as well as the “Exquisite Codes” exhibition in Berlin, Germany from the 17th June until 18th August 2023. Both shows are curated by Amy Jackson and organised by The SHIM Social Justice Network and Hohenthal und Bergen.

FAYD: Deciphering Abstract Psychological Landscapes: With Elina Yumasheva

Collapsing into psychological landscapes and emerging amongst layers of intimate eternal emotion is the essence of Elina Yumasheva’s practice. These abstract landscapes – subtly moulded – utilise science, study and language as visual tools. In opening another avenue and conversing, Yumasheva exposes her complex vivid vocabulary shaped by refined emotion.

FAD Magazine: The top 5 art exhibitions to see in South London

The term ambient anxiety sums up how we all feel these days with the world seeming to lurch from one crisis to another. That’s the message within the abstract works of Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec, which look at the environmental burden on the world and how we all appear to be glitching in a world where technology has taken over.

Brixton Bugle: Troubled journeys and seductive places

The show invites you think about a series of crises facing the world, and very contrasting styles make for an an interesting visual experience. This is high quality work from two young women artists who have much to say.

Ambient & Ambienti: Ambient Anxiety: when art and sustainability collide. Interview with the artists

Displayed at the Curious Kudu Art Gallery in London, Ambient Anxiety is an emotional rollercoaster that takes the observer through inquietude, frustration, and unspoken pain in a journey of lights and colours that ultimately reveals the cathartic power channelled by the artists’ pieces. We caught up with the Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec to talk about their exhibition, and the role art plays in the transition towards a more sustainable world.

Brixton Blog: Ambient Anxiety in Curious Kudu

Art uses a universal language to enable and encourage people to share experiences and feelings. So say Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec whose joint exhibition, Ambient Anxiety, is currently in Peckham’s Curious Kudu gallery.

Intersilient: Ambient Anxiety

Intersilient found the bright colours a surprise as an overwhelming feeling of doom usually promotes dark and moody images associated with anxiety. Here the colour bursts out, it is insistent, sharp and demands attention, echoing the incessant social media intrusion and unyielding newsfeed we have as a backdrop to our lives.. Take these thought-provoking artists to heart, consider the issues highlighted with these colourful, arresting, incisive works.

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Ambient Anxiety

1 April – 29 May 2022