Elina Yumasheva


Harmony in Flux

Natural indigo, turmeric paste on discarded linen

The artwork explores the intricate interplay between artist, materials, and climate, challenging conventional ideas of control and aesthetics in artistic creation. Through a blend of natural materials, the installation embodies a dialogue between intention and unpredictability. As the artist manipulates these elements, they respond in unexpected ways, revealing their inherent qualities. Situated outdoors amidst the ever-shifting elements, the installation responds dynamically to variations in weather and time, offering viewers a nuanced perception that evolves with the day’s progression, wind movements, and atmospheric conditions. It invites viewers to ponder the delicate equilibrium between human intention and the formidable sway of the natural world, inviting reflection on the beauty inherent in yielding control to the forces of creation.


Installation: Silk, natural indigo, 3.5 x 1.3 m
Painting: Silk, natural indigo, brazilwood, 100 x 80 cm

Accommodating, fragile yet resilient, nature welcomes us despite the pain we are causing it. It wraps us around as a blanket and doesn’t question our existence. It accepts us as we are and seeks to co-exist and thrive with us. Viewers are invited to take a journey through a nature tunnel. As they walk through it, they are invited to pause for a moment, take a breath, and see how the silk moves and responds to their movement.


Elina Yumasheva

Silk velvet, devore and Augmented Reality

90 x 60 cm


Science and the spiritual realm blend harmoniously in Elina’s physical and Augmented Reality artwork. Before life, before colour, before light, there was darkness, a primordial void according to ancient scripts whether these are the Bible or Egyptian-Greek, Hindu or Polynesian creation myths. Before the Big Bang, there was nothing – an infinite darkness says the Big Bang theory.

You stare at the abyss, and the abyss stares back. This absence of light, this absence of colour, is temporary. Life explodes and emblazons a spectrum of vividity into our world (AR experience shows the colours of universe creation according to the Big Bang theory). Is it cyclical in nature? Black is not necessarily evil. Light is not necessarily good. But what is one without the other?