Ice Series

Ice Series celebrates the beauty of a natural phenomenon – ice – and drives attention to climate change. The Series connects with the issue on an emotional and aesthetic level. 

Inspired by Peter Lanyon’s concept of experiencing the natural world, the Series uniquely creates an immersive ice exploration. The paintings take a viewer on a journey by unveiling different layers conveying its depth, monumentality, yet fragility, and ephemerality.

It captures the unique properties of ice and communicates its contradiction and complexity. The central piece – Strata – unites the series symbolising the hundreds of layers of ice that so well depicts our planet’s history.

Strata (SOLD)

2021, Mixed media on silk, cotton, organza, canvas, 95×70 cm


2021, Oil on canvas, 95×70 cm


2021, Acrylics on silk-cotton, 95×70 cm

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