The Boat

The Boat Painting
The Boat Interior

The painting projects a conflicting impression of serenity and tension. The effect is reached by combining the use of soft and expressive marks as well as a vivid colour palette.

While first being drawn to the warmth of a sunset, one can feel a dramatic and uncomfortable anticipation of the imminent change through the portrayal of the sky. The seemingly scrappy marks, the directions they are applied and multiple layers of paint give a feeling of increasing density and complex movement of the sky. One can get a sense of wind swirls and cloud thickening at the top, conveying the overall feeling of tension and complexity.

Different focus points – from the gold of the sun and its reflection in the sea, to the depth of the sky and almost unnoticeable boat – take a viewer to the journey. The boat completes it with leaving a sense of vulnerability.

2020, Oil on canvas, 41x31x2 cm.